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Generously Supporting the Cause of Education

Generously Supporting the Cause of Education

Chuck and Lizabeth Emrick always dreamed they would be able to contribute to programs that are closest to their heart. For many years, they have designated gifts to the College of Communication and College of Business as well as the Lizabeth and Charles R. Emrick Cutler Scholarship. Now, by setting up a revocable trust, they will be able to fund a Cutler Scholar every year. Their philanthropic giving has been meaningful because they know that their contributions to Ohio University set students up for bright futures.

Mr. Emrick graduated from Ohio University in 1951 with a Bachelors Degree from the College of Business and then went on to complete a Masters Degree in Journalism in 1952. As an alumnus, Mr. Emrick has had many memorable moments at OHIO. One of them was meeting his wife, Lizabeth, a member of Chi Omega sorority who graduated from the College of Communication with a journalism degree. Mr. Emrick was active in the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity. Throughout the years, he has continued to keep close ties to the university by serving as a trustee for the College of Osteopathic Medicine, the Ohio University Board nine years, and the Ohio University Foundation for 22 years. At one point, he was the Chairman of the Ohio University Board. During his tenure, he was a Co-Chairman of Bicentennial Campaign where he helped the university raise $221 million. With his continued dedication, Mr. Emrick has also received a number of awards including Ohio University Alumni Association’s Alumnus of the Year Award in 2000, the Medal of Merit in 1993, the College of Business Award for Achievement in Business in 1995, and Dr. John C. Baker Founders Award in 2005.

Mr. Emrick has a personal philosophy regarding his charitable giving – he believes in supporting education more than anything else. He and his wife have funded seven Cutler Scholars as well as four scholarships for Rocky River High School graduates who attend either the College of Communication or the College of Business. He is a firm believer that everyone deserves an educational experience where they can grow and learn about themselves and others. Mr. Emrick’s altruism doesn’t end there. He also served on committees at the Cleveland Clinic and Cleveland Orchestra; and on the board of the YMCA, the Cleveland Zoological Society, the Rocky River Public Library, Cleveland State Law School and at numerous private companies.

Mr. Emrick’s philosophy also addresses the rising rates of tuition. College education has become the standard for being able to acquire success, but many young people are being held back because of the high and rising costs of a college education. "For a youngster to spend four years at a university and graduate owing the government an outrageous sum of money is simply unfair." Mr. Emrick believes those who deserve to be rewarded should have a means of paying for tuition.

Mr. Emrick has followed the lead of many great contributors to Ohio University, like Dr. Konneker, who greatly inspired Mr. Emrick to set up a revocable trust that will benefit students at Ohio University. The whole process of charitable giving has given Mr. and Mrs. Emrick a feeling of accomplishment. They achieved this by supporting and continuing to support students based on merit. Mr. and Mrs. Emrick have even provided the funds for someone who is now making a living in New York City working with ABC Studios. Without their benevolence, this would not have been possible. Mr. and Mrs. Emrick have a lot to be proud of. For those they have helped support, their lives have been changed forever. In the words of Mr. Emrick, "Get the best and brightest, the rest will follow."

If you are interested in setting up a revocable trust to benefit The Ohio University Foundation, please contact Kelli Kotowski, Executive Director of Development for Gift Planning at 741-597-1819 or kotowskk@ohio.edu.