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Charitable Gift Annuity Hits a Home Run

Charitable Gift Annuity Hits a Home Run

Cecil Mancuso graduated from Ohio University in 1932. He began his teaching career in the Akron City Schools and was a basketball and baseball coach there. He eventually returned to his hometown of Tiptonville, Ohio. During his summers, he began a career as a Major League scout serving, at different times, the Detroit Tigers, the Montreal Expos, and the Cleveland Indians. His territory included West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. He scouted current Ohio University head baseball coach Joe Carbone when Carbone played for the Bobcats in the late 1960s.

When Coach Carbone started his coaching career at the University of Toledo and Ohio State, Carbone and Mancuso connected and became close friends. When Coach Carbone became head coach at Ohio University, Mancuso became an annual donor and close follower of OHIO Baseball. In Carbone's first year, Mancuso purchased a new tarp for Trautwein Field.

Mancuso donated to the Ohio University baseball program every year. As he aged, Bobcat baseball became an even larger part of his life. Having lived into his eighties, most of his friends had passed away. Carbone convinced him to move to Athens and immerse himself in intercollegiate sports. At first he stayed in a motel room, but later he moved to the Lindley Inn, where Carbone visited him once a week.

Bobcat athletics became Mancuso's new passion. He regularly attended practices and games, and he even went on road trips with the baseball team. For years OHIO Baseball was his family. He lived to the age of ninety-nine, just months shy of a century.

Mancuso wanted to do something special for the Bobcat student-athletes. So, he established Charitable Gift Annuities to benefit the baseball team. When the proceeds from his Charitable Gift Annuities came through, Mancuso was able to provide a pro-batter pitching machine. A expensive piece of machinery, the pitching machine features a video screen, which displays the image of a pitcher. The virtual pitcher winds up and, in sync with the image, the pitching machine delivers a baseball to the batter. In the Midwest, only Ohio State, Michigan, and Ohio University can boast such a machine. It has been useful for the program and has been good for recruiting.

Mancuso's many gifts have been much appreciated and, through them, his memory lives on. Coach Carbone put a plaque by the machine that reads: "In memory of Cecil Mancuso. Teacher, Scout, and Friend of OHIO Baseball."

If you are interested in setting up a Charitable Gift Annuity, or would like to learn more, please contact Kelli Kotowski at 740-597-1819 or kotowskk@ohio.edu