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Creating a Legacy Through a Charitable Gift Annuity

Creating a Legacy Through a Charitable Gift Annuity
Each year Ohio University is given the opportunity to bridge the gap of educational inequality. In a time of widespread economic uncertainties, Ohio has continued to grow and prosper because of the generosity and commitment of its alumni and friends. Ohio University carries a tradition of excellence in academia, where students can successfully realize their dreams without any limitations. However, attaining a higher education is fast becoming a challenging process. It is greeted with many barriers, and especially a minimum of resources. Scholarships are an essential aid for many current and prospective students at Ohio University. Without alumni giving, some students would be unable to afford the price of a college education.

Alumnus Robert "Bob" Hartung epitomizes the definition of giving. Mr. Hartung has responded to the needs of the university by contributing in a variety of ways. These include a scholarship in the College of Education in honor of his late wife, a directorship for the Insurance Institute in the College of Business, and funding for the Rush Elliott Chair. He has established several funds to support the programs through charitable gift annuities. A charitable gift annuity (CGA) is a gift of cash or securities in exchange for a life income paid monthly or quarterly. Part of the annuity income may be received tax free.

As a graduate of the class of 1949, Mr. Hartung recalls countless fond memories on campus and still regards Ohio University as one of the most beautiful places he has known. Mr. Hartung was highly involved on campus, serving as the president of his fraternity, Delta Tau Delta, a member of the Men's Glee Club, and the inter-fraternity council. "I feel very fortunate for the education and experiences I have had with Ohio University," says Mr. Hartung. " I feel very strongly that it was time to give back and give others a chance to have the same opportunities." As a former educator in the Columbus school system, he is cognizant of the challenges of a potential college-bound student. Without the dedication of alumni like Mr. Hartung, students would face a scarcity of both financial and educational resources.

After 26 years of teaching at the Columbus school system, Mr. Hartung and his wife Ann are both retired and have since relocated to Florida. When asked about the changes occurring on campus, Mr. Hartung displays a sincere enthusiasm about visiting the new Baker Center and walking across College Green once more. Ohio University encompasses a combination of experience and emotion that proves to be timeless. This experience is an asset that goes beyond the boundaries of a college campus and is carried throughout one's life journey.

It is due to the loyal support of alumni like Mr. Hartung that Ohio University remains a recognized leader in higher education, but can also offer an education that is accessible to students of all backgrounds. If you are interested supporting higher education at Ohio University, please contact Kelli Bell at (740) 597-1819 or bellk@ohio.edu.