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Here is our suggested bequest language for use by our donors and advisors.

Funding a Scholarship Through a Bequest

Funding a Scholarship Through a Bequest
A couple, who prefer to remain anonymous, has decided to include a bequest to Ohio University in their will as a way to support southeastern Ohio. The couple explains that many Ohio residents do not realize the true extent of economic depression that southeastern Ohio has experienced for the past several years. Opportunities for higher education have become more difficult. The couple had not been involved with the University prior to making this gift, but they decided it was time to give back and offer others the ability to have a chance at higher education. When asked what helped them to decide to support Ohio University, their response was simple: "We believe everyone in Ohio should do what they can to help those who are less fortunate - if each person does their part, there is much that can be accomplished as a community."

Through their bequest, the couple chose to fund scholarships for students to attend Ohio University's Eastern Campus. The scholarships will provide several promising high school students from Southeast region with the opportunity to attend college. "The decision and process of giving was very easy - the administration was especially engaging. We know that this scholarship will enable students to do something truly great for their communities," they said. Scholarships are a meaningful way to give back to Ohio University, and they also provide students an opportunity that may not have otherwise been available to them.

Including Ohio University in your estate plans is a wonderful way to support the university and the people of southeast Ohio for generations to come. With the lasting legacy provided by gifts from alumni and friends, Ohio University can continue to recruit talented young people, attract talented faculty, sustain its mission, and provide a bright future.