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Here is our suggested bequest language for use by our donors and advisors.

Bequest Supports Advancement of Multipurpose Center

Bequest Supports Advancement of Multipurpose Center
Richard Weiser is a 1949 graduate of Ohio University’s Engineering and Technology School. Residing in Canal Winchester, Richard loves his home because of the short one-hour drive to Ohio University. Richard’s experiences at Ohio University have given him and his family endless opportunities, so he decided to give back with a generous bequest to support the Multipurpose Center’s advancement.

Richard comes from a family of Bobcats, with a wife, brother-in-law, sister, daughter-in-law and grandson all graduating from Ohio University. During his time at Ohio University, he decided to settle down and take school seriously, although, he quickly fell in love. “I would have to say, the best thing to happen to me at Ohio University was meeting Jo, my wife.”

He has worked in general contracting for 20 years as an employee and partner. He became President of Weiser and Rusch Contracting and remained in that position for 20 years. The rest of his family has continued to have successful careers, as well.

Richard and his wife, Betty Jo Weiser, decided to give back to Ohio University because of their family’s close connection to the school. “With all the family graduating from there, it was really a no-brainer to give back to the school.”

When Richard first decided to make a bequest, he wanted the money to go toward the Ohio University Foundation. After speaking with a long-time friend, Bill Hendren, Richard then decided to move his donation to athletics. Bill was an Ohio University football player during the championship team in the 2000s and has been a great friend to Richard throughout the years.

“Our family will continue to contribute to Ohio University. We are very happy with OU and are proud of what they are doing. Ohio University really speaks for itself.”

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