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Professors Aid in Career Exploration

Professors Aid in Career Exploration
English and psychology were among the various fields that Dr. Roger Nasci considered while attending Ohio University. It was the lively personalities and passion those professors had for their fields that attracted him to those fields, he says. “That is exactly what an undergraduate degree is supposed to do,” said Nasci, who graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences in 1974 and a master’s degree in the same field in 1976. “It is meant to broaden your horizons and open your eyes to career paths that you may not have considered before.” Still, he kept coming back to his gut instinct, health sciences. And, wisely, he listened.

Nasci is the Chief of the Arboviral Diseases Branch of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Fort Collins, Colorado. His primary research at the CDC focuses on mosquito-borne viruses’ throughout the country. He received his Ph. D from the University of Massachusetts in 1980.

Nasci gives Ohio University credit for the direction his career went in, and more specifically his professors. He built strong relationships with his professors throughout his time as an undergrad by attending seminars, meetings and staying after class to ask questions. He was even influenced to attend the University of Massachusetts based on a recommendation from Dr. William S. Romoser, a professor who taught Nasci’s undergraduate Medical Entomology class and played a role in Nasci’s immersion in the scientific community.

When asked what advice he would give current Ohio University students, Nasci gives the same advice he followed as a student, “Take advantage of the professors and their network of relationships in the professional world. So much can be learned from time spent one on one with them.”