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Attaining Goals Through a Charitable Lead Trust

Attaining Goals Through a Charitable Lead Trust
"I give to Ohio University because of the excellent education which laid the groundwork for a wonderfully successful professional career and led to a rich and rewarding personal life. Also, you can't spend four years on the campus and the hills around Athens without falling in love with the school. I have been a loyal and active alumna since I graduated," says Dr. Jeanette Grasselli Brown, who received her BS from Ohio University in 1958, and her DS in 1978. She is pictured with her husband, Glenn Brown.

Grasselli Brown explains, "A charitable lead trust is a wonderful way to satisfy two philanthropy goals at once - with tax benefits when you give. My goals were to add to funds for an endowed Chair in Chemistry (the remainder of the funds will come from our estate) and provide our children with some funds at their retirement age (and completion of the lead trust time period), rather than leave everything in our estate. This way, my husband, Glenn and I have the benefit of seeing them enjoy some extra income before we are gone."